Friday 21 December 2012

Big girl- Is that a problem?

"The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress"- Hubert de Givenchy

One of my best friends happens to be large in size and she thinks that being fat means - NO FASHION.   

That is why I decided to share my thoughts with my blog readers. 
There is nothing such as " have you lost weight" dress. If you are having weight problems then there is nothing much you can do about it besides watching your portions and working out but there can definitely be strategies of making yourself look attractive, slenderizing your body with your sense of dressing.

My first advice would be- Avoid picking up clothes directly off the rack but get it tailored. Imagine how good you would look in a custom made evening dress falling perfectly on your body because it knows you well and it has been made just for you. 

Know your body, know your curves and if you do not have curves then create it with your clothes. Use belts. I would suggest to go for wider belts as it helps to push the bulge inside. Also there are loads of shape wears available in the stores. Try using them- you won't regret. 

Cover up. Women tend to think that showing skin would make them look sexy. Well that does not apply for everyone. You might just end up looking like Snookie from the "Jersey Shore" reality TV show.
Remember- A hidden figure always looks better. 

Wear heels (at least kitten heels) and go for knee length skirts because that's where your legs start to get thin and heels would give that extra definition to your body and a ladylike walk.

Learn from Adele and emphasize on your strongest features. Go easy on the bust, emphasize on your waist and always cover up your arms and thighs. Use colors and patterns that would divert the gaze. Never choose a thin fabric because it shows each and every bulge clearly.Keep your hair big to make your face look smaller and above all- wear your confidence in your eyes, your voice, your gestures and your attitude and you will see how many heads your turning. 

So my dear girls- It's not always about how you look but how you can make yourself look. 

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